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Track Listing:
1. Lifting My Heart (3:57)
2. Watching the River Run (3:41)
3. Wild One (3:27)*
4. Don’t You Cry (4:19)
5. There Must Be Some Way (4:31)*
6. Changed Forever (3:21)
7. Boiling River (4:10)*
8. Stand (3:26)
9. I’m On the Edge (3:40)
10. Time Will Take Its Toll (4:23)
11. Goodbye (3:42)*
12. Call Up an Old Friend (4:06)
Releases: Tangible Records (CD: TR CD243)
Band Members: Bill Henderson: guitar, accordion, vocals*
Shari Ulrich: piano, violin, mandolin, rhythm guitar, vocals
Roy Forbes: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Produced By: UHF & Claire Lawrence
Album Notes: Recorded at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Engineer: Rolf Hennemann
Assistant Engineers: Blair Calibaba & Pete Wosniak
Mixing: David Slagter
Digital Mastering: Craig Wadell
Photography & Art Direction: James O’Mara