S e g u e   /   G r e a t e s t   H i t s
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Segue / Greatest Hits

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Track Listing:
1. Don’t Stop (4:01)
2. Gettin’ Better (3:43)
3. Whatcha Gonna Do (4:17)
4. My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) (4:16)
5. I Believe (3:58)
6. Communication Breakdown (edit) (2:24)
7. Arms of Mary (3:04)
8. Fly At Night (4:55)
9. Baby Blue (edit) (3:22)
10. California Girl (edit) (3:01)
11. Crazy Talk (edit) (3:07)
12. Lonesome Mary (3:03)
13. Rain-O (original version) (edit) (4:30)
Releases: Solid Gold Records (Segue LP: SGR 1020)
Solid Gold Records (Greatest Hits CD: VCK 80129)
Solid Gold Records (remastered Greatest Hits CD: 71009-2)
Band Members: Bill Henderson
Ross Turney
Glenn Miller
Claire Lawrence
Howard Froese
Brian MacLeod
Ab Bryant
Simon Phillips
Mo Foster
Richard Gibbs
Ashley Mulford
Bucky Berger
John Roles
Produced By: Bill Henderson & others
Album Notes: *track lengths apply to the remastered Greatest Hits,
which are slightly different on the vinyl and original CD releases
+music videos for My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) and Whatcha Gonna Do
are also included on remastered Greatest Hits CD as bonus CD-ROM content